Elevate Your Vacation Home with a Home Automation System

Take Your Second Home to the Next Level!

Having a vacation home can help you take as much time off from your ordinary routine as you need. But when you head out to your second property, you should be able to expect all the convenient luxuries and smart technologies that you also have at your primary living space.

That’s why installing a top-notch home automation system in your Lewes, DE vacation home can make your time away more relaxed and enjoyable.

Learn more about what bringing smart features to your space can do for you and your family by reading on below.


Setting the Scene for Your Arrival

The beauty of a smart home automation system is that you can control and manage it from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. On your drive to your vacation home, you can press a button on your smart device of choice – whether it be your smartphone, laptop, or tablet – and ensure that your space is ready for you.

Turn on your lights with home lighting control or roll up your motorized shades to let in the natural light to give the house a “homey” feel and will make it appear as though you never left it.

No matter if you head up to your property in the warmer or colder months, you’ll want a pleasant indoor temperature to walk into. With a smart thermostat, you will be able to set it to just the right temp for you to feel comfortable. You can even install sensors that will detect if it drops a couple of degrees – then your system can lower shades for insulation or raise them up to get the temperature back on track.

You’ll never arrive back to a stilted and lifeless vacation home again.

Host Any Event or Party

Your second property no doubt has wonderful amenities and areas meant for a great get-together with loved ones. Whether you bring up friends for the weekend, invite your neighbors over for a dinner party, or plan an event at the space – you will be able to utilize all the luxuries of an automation system.

Welcome guests by having music play in every room of the house and setting up your TV screens to display various movies and music videos in any area. It’ll be easy to operate your AV equipment by integrating it with the rest of your automated system – just push a button on your smart device, and you can choose to switch songs or channels, adjust the volume, and turn the entertainment on or off.

Increase Security While You’re Gone or at Home

You might choose to stay at your vacation home for only a couple weeks, or perhaps it’s your destination for months at a time or half the year. But more often than not, there will be a large portion of the year where your vacation home is left unoccupied. By bringing a quality smart security system to your property, you can rest assured that your space is well-protected while you’re gone, and that your family is safe while there.

Install smart alarms, smart door locks, and surveillance cameras all over the property. Integrate your lights and shades with the system so that they can turn on and off and raise and lower at varying intervals throughout the day – this will give robbers the illusion that you’re there, and ensure that they stay clear of your home.

Want to learn even more about the many benefits of bringing a smart home automation system to your vacation home? Give yourself peace of mind and make your vacation life easier – give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team. We’d love to hear from you!

Smart Home Automation: FAQ

Let’s Go Back to the Basics


When you think of “home automation” and “smart home control” what images fly by in your head? Do you envision scenes from sci-fi movies and futuristic homes?

The truth is, the future is now – and a home automation system can make daily life easier and more luxurious for you and your family today.

Installing smart technology in your Rehoboth Beach, DE home will add convenience, comfort, and style to your living space. But what exactly is smart home automation?

We’ve got you covered. In this blog, we go through the questions most homeowners have before they begin the smart home installation process. Keep reading below to find out more.
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Two New Ways to Control Your Home’s Lights

Discover the Versatility of Smart Lighting Control

Smart lighting control offer homeowners plenty of features to celebrate. One of our favorite features are all the convenient ways to adjust your lighting. In this article, we’ll highlight two specific control tools that will not only make your life easier but will also help you save on monthly electricity bills. If you’re considering adding smart lighting to your Fenwick Island, DE area home, you may want to pay attention. Continue reading to discover more.


Sensors allow your lights to act on their own to intuit your needs and wants. There are a few different types of sensors that track particular features in the room and adjust your lighting based on that. To make things clearer, here are a few examples: motion detectors and solar sensors.


Motion detectors will turn on lights in the room when someone enters the room. Then, after a suitable amount of time, the lights will go off. This is an excellent way to save energy. They work well in rooms like bathrooms that are commonly occupied but only for short periods of time.


Solar sensors track the amount of sunlight that is entering the room. If you have a room with a lot of windows, the room’s light can be at the mercy of whatever’s happening outside. By utilizing dimmers, solar sensors change the lighting levels depending on the sun. Adding motorized shades can help you manage the amount of sunlight entering your room for complete control over the lighting levels.


Most of us run on some kind of consistent schedule–especially during the workweek. Scenes are a great way to save time and keep your lights on your schedule. Scenes group commonly used light settings, so that you can recreate the same lighting scene at the touch of a button.


For instance, when you wake up in the morning, just select the “Morning” scene to turn on your bedroom lights and illuminate the pathway to the bathroom and the kitchen. Then when you’re leaving for work, select the “Work” scene that will turn off all these lights. You won’t have to walk throughout the whole house to make sure that you’re saving energy.


A whole home automation system, like one from Crestron or Control4, allows you to add other technologies to your scenes. For instance, your “Work” scene could also power down all other electronics, and close the shades to prevent sun damage.


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Smart lighting control means simpler management of your home’s lighting. These are only two of the ways you’ll be able to make your lighting work for you, make your day easier, and save energy. Contact us to learn more or get started on your next project.