Stay on Top of Your Vacation Home with a Smart Security System

Bethany Beach is one of the most popular vacation home spots along the Delaware coast. While your primary residence might be in the Washington, D.C. or Virginia area, it’s nice to be able to spend the summer enjoying the ocean breeze at your vacation home. But what about when you’re at your primary residence during the winter? Do you have an easy way to keep track of your vacation home while you’re gone? With a smart security system, you can always stay aware of what’s going on. Keep reading to learn how.

View Real-time Surveillance from Anywhere

You don’t have to drive for hours just to check up on your vacation home. A smart security system allows you to pull up the video surveillance on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. In just a few seconds, you can verify in real time that your home is just how you left it. And beyond camera footage, you can also check other vital home information, such as whether the doors are locked, the lights are off, or the thermostat is set to a reasonable temperature.

Get Instant Alerts When There’s Trouble

If there were a water leak, fire, or break in at your vacation home, how long would it take you to notice? When you have a smart security system, the answer to that question is “instantly.” That’s because you’ll get an immediate notification for any problem with your home. Of course, the alerts don’t always have to be because of property damage—you can set up your home control system to let you know if you left the lights on, forgot to lock the front door, or the security system was disarmed by someone else.

Have Your Home React for You

If a sudden cold front blows through Bethany Beach, is your home prepared for the drop in temperature? You can set up your smart home to automatically respond to weather changes, balancing energy savings with keeping your home protected from extreme cold or heat. Because the system constantly monitors energy usage, it can provide helpful recommendations for improving energy performance to help keep your costs low.

And most importantly, your home will always react to keep the residents safe from life-threatening events such as carbon monoxide or fire. If the system detects signs of danger, it will send an alert to your local emergency service, start the audible alarm, and shut down the HVAC to keep from fanning the flames or fumes.

Control Access Remotely

If a friend or family member wants to stay at your vacation home for the weekend, you can skip the hassle of meeting up to pass over the keys. Instead, just have them give you a call once they arrive, and you can unlock the front door remotely! This feature is also useful for letting in maintenance workers or cleaners while you’re away. Keep track of the workers via your surveillance cameras, then remotely lock up after they’re gone.


Protect your vacation home the smart way with remote access to monitoring and home control. To learn more about adding a smart security system to your home, whether you’re in Bethany Beach, Dover, or another part of the Delaware coastline, contact us today.