smart home control in Rehoboth Beach

What is Smart Home Control?

The idea of living in a “smart home” is growing in popularity, especially in the greater Rehoboth Beach area. But it’s easy to get confused about what exactly it means to have a smart home control system. The phrase might bring the Jetsons’ home to mind, but the truth is that smart home technology can fit right into your existing lifestyle. If you’re interested in learning more about smart home technology and what it’s like to live in a smart home, then read on!

Defining Smart Home Control

Smart home control essentially means a system that upgrades the basic features of your home, such as the window shades or lights, and makes them controllable via a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Another key feature of smart home control is that many devices respond intelligently to their environments, acting automatically to keep your home comfortable, secure, and energy-efficient. And finally, the thing that sets total home control apart from a home with one or two smart devices is that everything works together as one cohesive system.

So what does that look like? Imagine you’re coming home after a busy day of running errands. Instead of fumbling at the door trying to find the right key in the dark, the porch light comes on automatically, and your front door unlocks for you. As you enter your home, the lights in the common areas brighten, and your favorite music starts playing. The temperature has even lowered to a comfortable level after being in energy-efficient mode all day. And all you had to do was press a single button on your smartphone.

What You Can Control in Your Smart Home

With smart home automation, there are endless possibilities for tailoring your home control system to fit your personality and lifestyle! Below, we cover some of the most popular technologies that our Delaware customers enjoy in their smart homes:

  • Lighting Control: Adjust all the lights throughout your home with a tap on your smartphone. You can also set lights to come on automatically at certain times or dim when there’s enough natural light in the room.
  • Motorized Shades: Want to watch a movie in your living room without having a glare on the screen? Just push a button, and the shades will close by themselves. This technology is also great for energy management since the window treatments can automatically close when too much sunlight is heating up your home.
  • Smart Home Security: Smart door locks, surveillance cameras, motion detectors, and more—with a smart home security system, you can rest easy knowing that your home is protected by the latest in security technologies. Plus, it’s easy to control! You can access and manage everything right from your smartphone.
  • Dedicated Home Theater: You don’t have to go to a commercial cinema to get that larger-than-life movie experience. With a dedicated home theater, all you have to do is push a button, and the lights will dim, the projector will turn on, and your chosen movie will start playing. The home theater environment is carefully designed to create the perfect acoustics and viewing experience.
  • Multi-Room Music Systems: Enjoying high-fidelity music shouldn’t be difficult or inconvenient. With a multi-room music system, you have full access to all of your music right at your fingertips, no matter which area of your home you’re in.
  • Smart TV Installations: It’s one thing to just stick a TV in a room and call it a day. We pride ourselves on doing a lot more than that. We install televisions that blend in perfectly with their surroundings and are super easy to control. Want to stream the same show on multiple TVs or adjust the volume on a TV in another room? All of your televisions are connected, and you can control all of them using a single remote.
  • Outdoor Entertainment: Enjoy your gorgeous view of Rehoboth Beach in style with an outdoor entertainment system that includes a weather-resistant television, outdoor speakers, lighting control, and more.

How to Make Your Home Smarter

If you’re interested in adding some of the features listed above to your home, the next question is “How can I get this technology?” The easy answer is to call Sound FX! We handle every aspect of designing, installing, and maintaining smart home control systems. We’ll work with you to create a custom solution that meets all of your needs. To learn more, call 302-644-8110 or send us a message.