Listen to Your Audio Anywhere in Your Vacation Home

Whole Home Audio Enhances Your Space

When you’re wanting to get away to your vacation home, who says you can’t still enjoy your favorite music and media while you’re gone?  Whether you’re staying at your second property for a trip or holiday, or are planning to live there for the season – you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your usual comforts and conveniences you normally have at home on a daily basis.

Turn on the latest hits while you cook for friends and family or relax in the living room, and have all your media readily available to you at just the press of a button.  Keep reading below to see how a whole home audio system can add value and elevate your entire Rehoboth Beach, DE vacation property experience.


Music for Whenever, Wherever

Perhaps you’re heading to your vacation home for the upcoming holidays to spend time with loved ones, or just wanting to get away for a couple of days.  Or you might be heading over for a few months – regardless of the circumstances, your second home should function as well as your primary one.

That means your smart automation systems should add convenience and luxury to your daily routine and activities.  And your whole home audio system is no exception!

If you’re hosting a get-together or a gathering at your place, you can liven up the atmosphere and set the specific, desire mood with a custom playlist.  Don’t just turn on your smartphone’s music app or play from a stereo; your installed whole home audio system won’t make you feel like you’re staying at a stranger’s place or a resort.  You’ll feel right at home, as you should.

Press a button to change songs, peruse through a library of endless music, and adjust volume.  You can set up background music to play on you in-ceiling and in-wall speakers while you have guests over, or play a new album from your favorite artist over high-end loudspeakers.

However, audio distribution isn’t just for entertaining and hosting parties.  You can schedule a dance song to play with your alarm in the morning, instantly boosting your mood and prepping you for the day.

Wanting to spend the day relaxing in your luxurious space?  Take your media outside – listen to ambient sounds out on the patio or while you chill in the heated pool or hot tub.  You can even turn on an audiobook to play outside, and then pick up exactly where you left off indoors.

You get to decide how you enjoy your vacation home while you’re there – your whole home audio simply makes it easier to accommodate your needs.

Easy-to-Control System

You might be flying solo to your second home or bringing the whole family or a group of friends.  Either way, smart technology usage can be a bit daunting to some.  That’s why you’ll want a home audio system that operates easily, all from your smart device or remote control of choice.

Whether you use a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or wall touchpad, you can manage your entire distributed audio system with just a few button presses.

So no matter who enters your vacation home, whether a new guest or old friend, everyone will be able to control the music and audio with ease.

Want to learn even more about bringing a whole audio system to your vacation home?  Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team.  We’d love to hear from you!