Home Lighting for the Holidays

The most joyous time of the year is coming up: the time when we get together to play, laugh, and remember the important things in life. Whether you’re having friends and family over for the festivities or traveling to them, don’t let the planning add any extra stress to your holiday season. When you add smart lighting control to your Bethany Beach, DE home, you’re reducing unneeded anxiety. Read on to learn how.

Party Time

The holidays are a time of parties and out-of-town visitors. With an automated lighting system in your home, it will shine for your guests. The lighting can have a major impact on the way a home looks and feels, so use it to make your home look its best. Lights can make your home more inviting and show off its features. The best way to ensure lighting success is to create a plan with a professional integrator.

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After developing a lighting plan that works with your home, use your lights to create the perfect “scene” for your Christmas parties. A scene is a group of lighting settings that creates the right mood. Maybe your party needs dimmer lighting in the living room to encourage conversation and highlight the fireplace and the Christmas tree. But, you need bright lights in the kitchen, where the food is prepared. Punch these settings into your lighting control, and you will only need to press one button when it’s party time.

If you’re having guests overnight, you can use your lighting control to make their stay more comfortable. Maybe schedule a path of dim lights that turn on at night leading your guest from their bedroom to the bathroom. Then, no one will fumble in the dark while looking for the light switch. Then, after your guests leave, simply remove these settings for the New Year.

While You’re Away

Let’s say that you’re going away for the week visiting relatives. The last thing you want to worry about is that something will happen to your home. Smart lighting control adds an extra level of security while you’re away. Your lights can act like an occupied home to prevent break-ins. Especially during the holiday season, don’t forget to include outdoor lighting automation to create the look of a full house. Your lights can be also be turned on and off with your smartphone or tablet wherever you are, or check these devices to manage your energy use. With smart lighting control, you can take a load off your mind while you’re away.

Have a happy and less stressful holiday season with smart lighting control. Contact us today and we can start creating your lighting automation plan.