Go Green with Motorized Shades

There are a lot of ways to make your Delaware business more efficient. Right now, many companies are making a concentrated effort to go green. The benefits for your business are huge. For one thing, being environmentally conscious is a big selling point. Many consumers seek out more eco-conscious establishments. Additionally, your business will lower its energy bills, which allows you to reduce your monthly overhead. If you’re looking for a new way to help you stay in the black, then a good place to start are motorized shades. To learn more about how automating your shades and drapery can impact your bottom line, read our blog.

Heating and Cooling

Whether you own or operate a restaurant, office building, or retail store, you want to reduce your expenses. Since roughly 50 percent of your energy is being used by your heating and cooling systems, the weather can drastically increase your monthly bills. Windows, while they improve the environment of your business, are not the best insulators. Motorized shades represent a way to reduce the impact of windows on your HVAC usage throughout the year.


In the summer months, the sun’s heat comes streaming through the windows. Your office, dining room, or showroom is being warmed. You probably have your AC set to maintain a specific temperature, so your AC will have to work harder throughout the day to offset the added heat. Throughout those hottest parts of the day, use your motorized shades to keep as much heat out as possible. We will find the best shades that are made to reduce heat gain, like solar shades. Then we program your shades to a solar sensor that will monitor how much sunlight there is. Your shades will then automatically close when the sun is strong and help you maintain a comfortable temperature. Bonus: the shades will also reduce glare!


In the winter months, you have the opposite problem: you want to keep heat inside. You can create a winter schedule that keeps shades open throughout the day to let in the sun’s warmth and then closed at night to hold the heat inside. You can even employ a temperature sensor to track when your space starts to cool, and that is when the shades will automatically close. This will help reduce the costs of heating throughout those cold Delaware winters.


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When paired with a lighting control system, your motorized shades will prove to be even more green. Commercial automation solutions work best when integrated with other smart technologies. In the case of these two solutions, they work together to maintain a comfortable lighting setting that minimizes the use of electricity.


Use a light sensor to track the illumination of your spaces. Then when the shades close to reduce glare or to help maintain temperature, the lighting system will adjust based on how much illumination was lost. Using tools like dimmers, you can ensure that you are only using the exact amount of light and, therefore, electricity you need. You can also track your energy usage through your integration system to find the spaces that you need to make improvements.



With motorized shades, you can make subtle changes that will result in big savings. The best part is that all of these changes will be happening automatically. If you’re interested in finding the right shading system for your business, contact Sound FX today.