Set the Mood in Your Restaurant or Bar with a Crestron System

Give Your Customers an Experience to Remember

When visitors arrive at your Rehoboth Beach, DE restaurant or bar, what will be their initial impression? Before their food or drinks arrive at the table, will your space’s ambiance ease them into a cheerful mood? Will they already have a good feeling about the night?

As important as a great menu is, the atmosphere of your eatery is just as crucial. With a Crestron system, there are many creative ways to customize your restaurant’s scenery. How? Find out below!

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Design Smarter, Cleaner Homes With Motorized Window Treatments

The Perfect Way to Blend Function With Style for Homes in the Bethany Beach Region

Builders, architects and designers wanting to make an impact in the luxury home market need to include a variety of smart home features that are increasingly in demand. While custom home theaters and advanced surveillance systems are impressive, they aren’t an interest for every homebuyer and aren’t used daily. Instead, incorporate motorized shades for a smarter, cleaner design.

Not familiar with motorized window treatments? Don’t worry; this blog will show you all the benefits of adding these shades to any homes you’re designing in Delaware’s Bethany Beach region.

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Listen to Your Audio Anywhere in Your Vacation Home

Whole Home Audio Enhances Your Space

When you’re wanting to get away to your vacation home, who says you can’t still enjoy your favorite music and media while you’re gone?  Whether you’re staying at your second property for a trip or holiday, or are planning to live there for the season – you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your usual comforts and conveniences you normally have at home on a daily basis.

Turn on the latest hits while you cook for friends and family or relax in the living room, and have all your media readily available to you at just the press of a button.  Keep reading below to see how a whole home audio system can add value and elevate your entire Rehoboth Beach, DE vacation property experience.

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Provide Proper Insulation in Your Home for Any Season

Motorized Shades are Essential for Your Space


As the days grow shorter and the nights get longer this winter season, you might find that it’s a struggle to stay nice and warm in your own home.  Your heating system will do its best to keep up, but it may be working harder than it should.

If your home has multiple windows, you’ll find that heat can escape through them and cause your HVAC to work overtime.  Not only that, but your bills will start to skyrocket. So how can you stay warm without hiding under a pile of blankets?

This is where your motorized window shades come into play.  Bringing this smart solution to your Lewes, DE living space can keep you warmer this winter, insulate your home, and regulate its temperature more evenly so that you can carry on with your seasonal festivities as planned.

Find out more by reading on below!




Shades Offer Quality Insulation

Your home’s large, floor-to-ceiling glass windows might be stylish and elegant, but they  also make it harder for heat to stay within your house’s walls.

In summer, this glass can increase solar heat gain, make your rooms feel stuffy and hot, and potentially damage furniture or artwork in your interiors. In winter, a significant amount of  heat escapes through those windows, making your HVAC  pump up the heat to keep you warm.

Your motorized shades can keep the heat inside your home throughout the colder seasons.  Shades with denser fabric provide the best insulation, the same way a blanket covering you does. Just as a heavy blanket keeps you warmer, so do heavier curtains and shade materials.

The crucial part of shades doing their job so well is the necessary “gap” between where the window is and how close the shade is installed to it.  That pocket of air creates the needed insulation, by trapping either the heat or the cool air in it.

Some shades, like honeycomb shades, are designed specifically for insulation.  They have their own pleated pockets built into their design, keeping you warm and as well as blending with your existing décor.


Keep Your Internal Temperature the Same

So once you’ve installed your automated shades of choice, how can you ensure your home’s internal temperature is consistent without constantly making adjustments or changes?  After all, these smart solutions are meant to provide convenience and luxury to your daily life.

With installed temperature sensors and a smart thermostat, you can integrate your HVAC and motorized shades with a home automation system so that each smart feature works together.

When your inside temperature drops to an uncomfortable point, your thermostat can raise it just a bit and then alert your shades to lower so that the temperature is maintained at a comfortable level.  This puts less pressure on your heating system and will use your shades to keep you warm throughout the day – all without you lifting a finger.

Your motorized window shades bring insulation to your home in any season.  Want to learn more about this smart solution and how beneficial it is for you all year long?


Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us.  Our team would love to hear from you!


Smart Home Automation: FAQ

Let’s Go Back to the Basics


When you think of “home automation” and “smart home control” what images fly by in your head? Do you envision scenes from sci-fi movies and futuristic homes?

The truth is, the future is now – and a home automation system can make daily life easier and more luxurious for you and your family today.

Installing smart technology in your Rehoboth Beach, DE home will add convenience, comfort, and style to your living space. But what exactly is smart home automation?

We’ve got you covered. In this blog, we go through the questions most homeowners have before they begin the smart home installation process. Keep reading below to find out more.
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Choose the Right Screen for Your Home Theater System

Pros and Cons of a Flat Screen or Projector

Bringing a home theater system into your Bethany Beach, DE living space will transform how you watch your favorite TV shows and movies from now on. But the installation process requires many decisions on the features and products you want to include.

You’ll have lots to consider: which brands do you want to work with, where will seats go, and which area will the system go in.

The most important component may be your screen. It’s what you actually watch your media on, so it’s a crucial product to think over.

A flat screen or a projector and screen combo both have advantages and disadvantages, but it’s key to find the one that works best for you and your space.

Keep reading below to find out more.


Hidden Technologies & Features

No matter what type of screen you choose, you, of course, want the best image possible. That’s why, regardless of which option you choose, we recommend a screen with a 4K Ultra HD resolution, so you always get that flawless look.

And whether you have a dedicated home theater set up or a multi-purpose media room, a flat screen can look perfect in either – while delivering that crisp and clear image.

Just by pushing a button, you can have your TV come down from the ceiling and go right back up when you’re through using it.

If you’d prefer to have the TV stay there even when it’s off, you don’t have to settle for a lifeless, black screen.

A wall panel can swipe over it to show off artwork, a picture, or even a mirror. This way you still have a centerpiece to your room even when a show or movie isn’t playing.

For a screen and projector, hiding these features is just as simple.

Use a smart device of your choice to move the projector and screen up into the ceiling or down again in a moment’s notice.

The projector duo can make any room you install your home theater system in feel more like a traditional cinema setup. So, whether you hide your equipment or keep it revealed at all times, when it is on display – you’ll feel geared up and ready for a movie marathon.

Installing high-end loudspeakers and a surround sound system will only add to this atmosphere. Place in-ceiling or in-wall speakers for your flat screen if you wish to accompany it with hidden technology as well.

Your Room’s Sizing and Lighting

When determining which screen you prefer, you’ll want to take the size of your home theater space into account.

A larger area will look better with an expansive screen that might be specifically for film-watching – as if you were at your local cinema. This type of screen is going to be more expensive, so knowing your budget is crucial.

At larger sizes, screens can actually be more affordable than flat screen televisions and they offer scalability that can adjust to the type of media you’re watching.

If your theater room has windows and other lighting fixtures you know you might want on often, you’ll need to see how well your projector and screen do with ambient lighting and glares.

This is where flat screens can come in handy. Their brightness usually does better with the sun’s rays. You’ll find this helpful if you are trying to watch shows or a big game in the middle of the day when the sun is shining brightly.

So which screen is best for your home theater system? It depends on all the factors that contribute to your media space, and what you personally prefer.

Want more help with choosing the right fit for you? We’ve got you covered. Give us a call or fill out our online form to learn more about this selection and process. We’d love to hear from you.

How to Host the Ultimate Pool Party

Take Advantage of these Outdoor Entertainment Tips

As the summer season starts winding down, you want to take full advantage of the few days left in your vacation home in the Lewes, Delaware area. Vacations can always use a bit of a spark, and pool parties provide a perfect opportunity. Need help keeping guests engaged when they come over? This blog includes some tips on how to host the ultimate pool party, including some ways our outdoor entertainment systems can help.

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Your Home Theater Tech Blends Beautifully with Your Interior Design

Hidden AV Features Bring Together Your Cinema’s Style and Functionality


Having a dedicated home theater in your house can make watching any movie or TV show a brand-new experience!  The ability to immerse yourself within a form of media can make all the difference.

But to achieve this, your home cinema will need the best technology available.

But many homeowners fear that the latest entertainment systems will clash with their existing interior décor.  So how can you maintain your personal aesthetics for your Fenwick Island, DE home theater system, without compromising on functionality?

In this blog, we’ll dive into how hidden smart features can enhance any theater, while also highlighting its style.

Keep on reading below to learn more.

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