How to Build an Outdoor Theater in Your Rehoboth Backyard

Summer is getting closer and closer. As the warm weather approaches, it means evenings are open for time with the kids. If you want to create the opportunity for some quality family time, consider an outdoor dedicated home theater. Just think, every Saturday night you could host a movie night under the stars; maybe start with a bonfire and watch your favorite movie with a s’more. That should keep the kids at home! To learn more about how exactly you can create a backyard cinema in your Delaware home, continue reading.

Selecting the right equipment for outdoor entertainment can be a challenge. There is the weather for one; the technology should be able to stand up to wind, rain, sand, and other natural events. There’s also performance to consider. Clear picture and sound are more difficult to achieve outside. Below, we’ve outlined a few considerations to take into account when selecting each piece of your outdoor home theater.


While an outdoor TV can be a great option, when it comes to a dedicated home theater, you’ll want a larger picture. A projector is our suggestion. While the size of a television is limited, a projector can achieve a clear picture dozens of feet across.


For outdoor use, we would recommend a minimum of 2,000 lumens to overcome some of the natural light in the environment. We would also recommend an HD or 4K model for a better picture quality. Also, to avoid running too many wires–and making it easier to pack up the theater when the weather is less permissive–look for MHL, or Mobile High-Definition Link, functionality.


Outdoor audio is a wonderful addition to any home. Creating a high-performing audio system outside does have its challenges. The largest being the wide-open space that does nothing to keep in the sound. Plus, you have to overcome the sounds of waves. For an immersive theater experience, we suggest spreading out many in-ground and hidden speakers throughout your garden. That way, everyone will be able to hear, and no one will be seated next to a too-loud speaker.


The Sonance outdoor collection provides many options. We can bury subwoofers for a deeper, more expressive sound, and utilize small speakers that can hide in your landscaping. Your outdoor home theater doesn’t have to dominate your yard throughout the entire season. If you’re not watching a film or show, use these speakers as part of your whole home audio system.


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Video Source

There are so many options when it comes to the source, which means there is the right one for you and your family. From Apple TV to Blu-ray players, the choice depends on your preference. We would suggest that if you are utilizing a streaming service, then make sure that your home networking is robust enough to reach the projector. Consider outdoor access points to expand your signal to prevent any lag.


When you need to move around, whether grabbing a snack or when the movie ends, you’ll want a little light. Automated lighting makes it simple to control these lights, so they don’t distract from the movie but keep everyone safe. The lights can automatically dim up when the movie is over so that everyone can make it safely back inside without tripping over any potted plants.


Make this summer the best one yet with an outdoor dedicated home theater. Contact Sound FX today to get started.